Thursday, July 30, 2009

Garage Sale

This will be the second annual multifamily garage sale my neighbor Krissie and I are having. Together we have enough junk and crap to set up a home for a new couple (with a baby even)... Last night we were talking about how our kids have so much stuff it's hard for them to appreciate it.

My kids are going to be selling some toys which will be great means less clutter for me to have to pick up daily. I am selling Brads old school cloths from last year it seems he has sprouted like 3 inches this summer.

Liv and Emily don't have many cloths to sell, because Emily seems to be very hard on cloths when something is finished on her it usually needs trashed then I have to take from Livs wardrobe to cloth Em so their cloths are in constant renewal and rotation to the trash can.

Liv is departing with some dear toys that she has loved but shes a big girl now and won't be needing all those peek a boo blocks. I have been holding those peek a boo blocks for a long time first reason was because they were a pain in the ass to get my hands on I searched long and hard for them when she was baby having my good friend call me every week when the K.B.Toys truck would come so he could tell me if they were on that truck... Then finally they were! They aren't just any peeka boo blocks they are the ABC ones. She loved those blocks and has played with them since she could crawl. Building with them,totting them in her lil purses, when she was at that stage where they put things in a box just to get them back out of the box she used those blocks and weebels. (vivid images of my sweet one playing ...awwww)

Emily is putting up her Dora bike for sale she is going into Kindergarten and shes so over Dora now. Besides that Liv gave her the bike she got from Santa because our neighbor across the street gave Liv a Barbie bike that was his daughters. She traded a brand new bike for a used barbie bike. I wander what that says about her as a person?

We are getting rid of all our board books, I had a hard time putting in the box some I didn't even bother I looked at them and remembered Bradley chewing on the corners when he was just a wee fella getting teeth and setting on the floor with those books with his lil legs spread wide to keep balance how he would hold the books.Then as a preschooler when he would pretend to read and tell me his version of the story.

So my weekend will be spent setting outside Krissies garage probably burning up with the hotness listening to the kids beg to get in the pool and then probably cry and pout because Krissie and I will have to man the sale and won't be able to set pool side... who knows maybe we can get one of the dads to super the pool. we'll see.

So I'm having a garage sale...I'm selling pieces of my memories.


Anonymous said...

I have a hard time parting so KUDOS to you and the kids!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck!!!!!

Rachel said...

All I can say ladies is that my feet hurt just form setting up all day:)I wonder what tomorrow will bring with all the sale business and wrangling the kids all day