Thursday, July 30, 2009

Garage Sale

This will be the second annual multifamily garage sale my neighbor Krissie and I are having. Together we have enough junk and crap to set up a home for a new couple (with a baby even)... Last night we were talking about how our kids have so much stuff it's hard for them to appreciate it.

My kids are going to be selling some toys which will be great means less clutter for me to have to pick up daily. I am selling Brads old school cloths from last year it seems he has sprouted like 3 inches this summer.

Liv and Emily don't have many cloths to sell, because Emily seems to be very hard on cloths when something is finished on her it usually needs trashed then I have to take from Livs wardrobe to cloth Em so their cloths are in constant renewal and rotation to the trash can.

Liv is departing with some dear toys that she has loved but shes a big girl now and won't be needing all those peek a boo blocks. I have been holding those peek a boo blocks for a long time first reason was because they were a pain in the ass to get my hands on I searched long and hard for them when she was baby having my good friend call me every week when the K.B.Toys truck would come so he could tell me if they were on that truck... Then finally they were! They aren't just any peeka boo blocks they are the ABC ones. She loved those blocks and has played with them since she could crawl. Building with them,totting them in her lil purses, when she was at that stage where they put things in a box just to get them back out of the box she used those blocks and weebels. (vivid images of my sweet one playing ...awwww)

Emily is putting up her Dora bike for sale she is going into Kindergarten and shes so over Dora now. Besides that Liv gave her the bike she got from Santa because our neighbor across the street gave Liv a Barbie bike that was his daughters. She traded a brand new bike for a used barbie bike. I wander what that says about her as a person?

We are getting rid of all our board books, I had a hard time putting in the box some I didn't even bother I looked at them and remembered Bradley chewing on the corners when he was just a wee fella getting teeth and setting on the floor with those books with his lil legs spread wide to keep balance how he would hold the books.Then as a preschooler when he would pretend to read and tell me his version of the story.

So my weekend will be spent setting outside Krissies garage probably burning up with the hotness listening to the kids beg to get in the pool and then probably cry and pout because Krissie and I will have to man the sale and won't be able to set pool side... who knows maybe we can get one of the dads to super the pool. we'll see.

So I'm having a garage sale...I'm selling pieces of my memories.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Row

It looks like I have a new row to hoe in my garden. My previous plot of soil on the Internet where I was senior editor has become completely depleted of its richness and frankly the fruits have left a bitter taste in my mouth. I am very sad at the fact that all my tender care could not keep things blooming ever so beautifully. I know I tried my hardest for a very long time to nurture things there but I think mother nature had different plans. I am walking away with some great experiences where I learned alot, some wonderful new friends and I am Okay with that.

So it's time to move on. It's time to pick up and go forward on this blogging journey that I have been walking every which way but into. Look for more future post here and also at my newest endeavor with a couple of dear friends.

Time to get to work!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


So the day after my last post we went o the shelter and adopted a puppy. Her name is Angel she is the sweetest thing ever! Bradley named her and picked her out. She has tons of personality. I wanted to post a pick of her! Isn't she adorable! I am in love! Shes like a new born waking me up at all hours...except instead of nursing I'm going outside to go potty. She has quickly become my husband and my new baby. The children are all warming up nicely to her, thank god!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My son has had a life long fear of small fury creatures that move independently. I have always fostered that fear and tried to keep him away of anything that would surely bring tears and screams and that scared to death look of terror in his eyes when one would approach.

A few weeks ago he was invited to sleep over at a friends house. It would have been his first sleep over had he been able to complete the mission but that did not happen 30 mins after he arrived he was ready to come home they had a kitty.

I spoke to him on the phone "mommy I'm really scared". "Brad can you see that cat?" "No Mommy" Well when you do all you have to do is hiss at it and it will run away. I could actually hear his voice trembling. Before I could finish getting his sister and Emily to bed he was at the back door with his spidy pillow in hand crying big fat tears. I felt so bad for him.

He looked at me and said "Mommy this is ruining my social life I have to face these fears.... Can you get me a puppy?" I often would tell him thats what we were going to have to do in order to him over this fear but I never thought he would ask me for one. I'm glad he realizes he has to face his fears and super proud of him.

Over the fourth of July weekend he hung out with a cat andloved it and petted it... baby steps right!

So we are now on the hunt for a puppy that will grow with Brad and be his best bud.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The morning - How it cycles

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Coffee, Tea, Pepsi, Coke. More then likely that you have formed an addiction to one of these great things, maybe something more off the line like Dr. Pepper or Mt Dew. In any instance you will fully understand where I am coming from if you are addicted to any of these caffeine filled beverages.

When I wake in the morning my eyes aren't fully open yet. I sorta look like someone that you would steer your children away from out in public. At least until I have had a cup of Jo, Java, Do-it Fluid, also know as coffee. I need the pick up, the bite in the ass to get moving. Things weren't always like this for me. I once rose with the sun, full of energy ready for a days worth of exhilarating activities... you know feeding , diapering, and laying on the floor to entertain during tummy time. Back in those days I was up and at 'em full of spunk.

Just a few short years later though, I am dragging myself down the stairs while listening to the the children pick at each other and fight over the silliest things. Is it the fact that my children are growing, depressing me in some way, am I missing the days of tummy time? What am I saying? Oh my Gawd, No - I am not missing tummy time! That is a thought that creeped out of a brain that hasn't had its recommended dose of Do-it fluid!

I will say that my mornings have evolved over the years. My first adult mornings were spent in bed laying there breathing, my body fused with my then boyfriend /now husband. Fused by the night before sweat and the tangled filled sheets that seemed to imprison our bodies. Next I moved on to my mother's couch were I woke cold and alone most mornings to the sounds of my mothers blow dryer and her aerosol hair spray unloading its pollutants into the atmosphere. (Note: That's where I fell in love with coffee, my mother turned me on to it.) After that brief stay with the my Mom I was wed... and thus bringing me back to the arms of the man I loved. Which in turn brings me to today. All that sweat and those tangled sheets is what brought me to this point where I am dragging my grumpy butt out of bed to tend the children that were created so many years back, all the while longing for a sip of sweet, black coffee.

The days are past that I will just get to ooze with joy at a baby and that will be enough for me to get motivated. Now my mornings are going to be filled with all sorts of kid craziness and then come the teenage years. I don't even what to know how much coffee I am going to need to get through that. I can only imagine that I will get less rest though so I may need more caffeine. After teen years though comes the empty nest.... Just me and the husband... and tangled sheets. That is something to look forward to. Hopefully I won't be needing caffeine to make through the day then.

B is for Bob review

We all have a type of music that really gets to us and makes us move. Engages thoughts with the lyrics and makes us just feel good when we listen to it. For me that would be Bob Marley.

I was struggling with this review because I can't think of a bad thing to say about Bob Marley's music. So what is there to write? I have to have good and bad points in my reviews, don't I?

I love "B is for Bob"! My 4 year old daughter loves Bob as well and she has always enjoyed his music. I think "B is for Bob", that is just hers to listen to, has to be her favorite.

I have to say that I have never heard any of Bob Marley's music that wasn't good for a child, it is all great music, and I could never say a cross word about the man who sang and wrote, what a genius. My children have been listening to Bob Marley since the day they were born... literally, Bob Marley always made me feel so good that he was on the play list in the delivery room.

When I handed the package, that came in the mail, to my sweet four year old she opened it and looked with excitement. The cover has Bob on it with this pretty little scene painted around him with easy to read words "B is for Bob"( I might add that it is an ECO friendly package!) She said "Mommy this is Bob Marley!" I let her load the CD in the computer and she started her listening experience. The very first song "Three Little Birds" is a brilliantly done acoustic version that I have to give mad props to Ziggy for doing. The simpleness of the sound alone is wonderful and I think it lets more attention be paid to the lyrics.

I have to share with you that Liv is quite the dancer and is always moving to music in that little kid jumping and flailing dance move bit that we all see in our pre-schoolers. When the drums of the song "Jamming" came on she planted her feet and began waving her arms slowly with her eyes closed and then her lil 'hips started to sway with the beat I said "Liv what are you doing?" she was actually on beat and seemed focused in her movements she opened her eyes and said "Mommy this is the way the music makes me feel, "sweepy" I joined her in her new dance and told her that some music makes mom feel all "sweepy" too.

Bob Marley's music spans the generations and quite possibly can fill those gaps that seem to be getting wider and wider among us. If your not a fan of Bob Marley this is still a great CD for children or even yourself! My husband wasn't keen on the idea of Bob being remade for children...but he was caught jamming out to Liv's B is for Bob CD. With Bobs messages being about love, unity and peace and empowerment how could it not be a good message to get to your children?