Friday, January 9, 2009

Growing Family

The growing season in my garden this year seems to be a little off. I sprouted a new kid back in Oct. And her roots are sinking deep into the rich soil we have here. What a wonderful birthday gift, right?

It's a a bit jacked up how I got this addition in my family. She belongs to my sister. See my sister has a drug habit that goes back like... lets see...hmmm 24 yrs and her wrong choices finally caught up to her, thank God. The powers that be let me have this sweet child rather then put her in foster care. For that I am greatful.

She is just as beautiful as the other beautiful flowers that bloom here, she is as bright as the suns rays that get caught in the dew drops. I wonder why her own mother never noticed that twinkle that spark? (oh she had her cocain shades on that makes everything all white, can't see a dosh garn thing with them on)

She is 9 months older then my pretty posey O so they are like two peas in a pod and B the big boy he isn't all that thrilled about having another girl in the house, it seems to be disrupting the flow of testostron. We did have an even fifty fifty... he can feel the girl power now there is more of it. Poor little guy, he said having two 4 yr olds around was like being back in kindergaten... he is so annoyed.

I recently was asked if I could do this on a permanent basis, It didn't take that much thinking... of course I could... How could you not? After some discussion with my DH and a little talk with the kids we decided that we would be able to handle another child. It's an odd sort of thing though like perma-baby-sitting... I mean shes four shes got her own set of rules that she has been raised with her own sort of living style her own likes and dislikes that had no influence form us, her own language and play styles that couldn't be molded into something that we think appropriate.

You know how when you have your children you have certain things like... I will not tolerate my children saying the words shut-up, stupid...they are bad words here, just as bad as the F word. So what sort of thing happens when they are a regular part of the kid that your settings vocab? Don't say that? Gasp? OMGosh? I just have been saying we don't use that word here. It is working but thats who she is... I don't want to change who she is... I don't want to make her feel like who she is isn't right. I want her to have good table manners and use her fork and spoon the right way but how do you do that without making her feel like the way she is doing it is wrong? I'm in such a spot with all of this. What to do? What to do?

I know everything will work out.