Friday, March 13, 2009

The worst experience I have had in a long time just happened to me. I was driving home from my sons school I was taking his friend know, car pool stuff. I was driving up the road right next to the school one block over and there was a bunch of kids in the road walking it took them a while to get out of the road and when they did they stopped on the curb. Now mind you while I was driving behind them the boys in the back seat were paying attention and making note they they could see the underpants of two of the boys. These older boys were not just bustin a sag their pants where around their ankles and they were hollering at two girls on a porch near by.

The boys stopped on the curb to talk with the girls. When I got to them I stopped the car and rolled down my window and said "hey sweety, I just want to let you know that there are two little boys in the back seat of this car looking at you" before I could continue telling him I wanted him to know that they were going remember that experience and hopefully wouldn't repeat it when they got older. This young boy couldn't have been no more the 14 started cussing and screaming at me."fuck you, fuck you white Bitch" Fuck you! I'll show you my fuckin ass! fuck you" Fuckin white bitch. I began to shake literally I was pissed off. how could any child have the balls big enough to speak to any adult this way.

All the while there was a girl with them saying chill out, chill out... and I was trying to let him know I wasn't being angry with him... I was speaking to him in the best cool mom tone I could. That girl got yelled at too he told her "fuck you, fuck that" Part of me wants to give that kid a hug he prolly needs one. The other part of me wants to find his mom and drag his lil fanny home to her for a butt whoopin' wonder if she would punish him for being so disrespectful to an adult and the girls he was in the presents of. Before I gave up and started to drive away one of the boys picked up a rock and threw it at the side door of the van the one the boys sat behind, behind the tented glass looking at that behavior of those older boys.

I feel like I shouldn't have even bothered, My husband said I was crazy for even stopping, I grew up in a neighborhood much like the one my sons school sets in I am not afraid of what is there and the behaviors are like there. When I grew up I got my butt beat for behavior like that. Not that I ever walked around with my pants to my ankles...But I do remember being disrespectful to an adult once... you now when I got home I walked right into a back hand in the mouth... God, I love my mother:)

MY husband says I should just give up on our neighborhood being a community, I can't though. It takes a village!