Friday, July 3, 2009

B is for Bob review

We all have a type of music that really gets to us and makes us move. Engages thoughts with the lyrics and makes us just feel good when we listen to it. For me that would be Bob Marley.

I was struggling with this review because I can't think of a bad thing to say about Bob Marley's music. So what is there to write? I have to have good and bad points in my reviews, don't I?

I love "B is for Bob"! My 4 year old daughter loves Bob as well and she has always enjoyed his music. I think "B is for Bob", that is just hers to listen to, has to be her favorite.

I have to say that I have never heard any of Bob Marley's music that wasn't good for a child, it is all great music, and I could never say a cross word about the man who sang and wrote, what a genius. My children have been listening to Bob Marley since the day they were born... literally, Bob Marley always made me feel so good that he was on the play list in the delivery room.

When I handed the package, that came in the mail, to my sweet four year old she opened it and looked with excitement. The cover has Bob on it with this pretty little scene painted around him with easy to read words "B is for Bob"( I might add that it is an ECO friendly package!) She said "Mommy this is Bob Marley!" I let her load the CD in the computer and she started her listening experience. The very first song "Three Little Birds" is a brilliantly done acoustic version that I have to give mad props to Ziggy for doing. The simpleness of the sound alone is wonderful and I think it lets more attention be paid to the lyrics.

I have to share with you that Liv is quite the dancer and is always moving to music in that little kid jumping and flailing dance move bit that we all see in our pre-schoolers. When the drums of the song "Jamming" came on she planted her feet and began waving her arms slowly with her eyes closed and then her lil 'hips started to sway with the beat I said "Liv what are you doing?" she was actually on beat and seemed focused in her movements she opened her eyes and said "Mommy this is the way the music makes me feel, "sweepy" I joined her in her new dance and told her that some music makes mom feel all "sweepy" too.

Bob Marley's music spans the generations and quite possibly can fill those gaps that seem to be getting wider and wider among us. If your not a fan of Bob Marley this is still a great CD for children or even yourself! My husband wasn't keen on the idea of Bob being remade for children...but he was caught jamming out to Liv's B is for Bob CD. With Bobs messages being about love, unity and peace and empowerment how could it not be a good message to get to your children?

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