Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spell Checker!

A while back when I first started working at I had to take my stabs at writing. I never really did it much,why? Well because this darn problem I have with spelling and getting my thoughts out of my head in the correct order writing just seems to be a lot of work at times for me. It seems to be getting easier and all the neat little methods I have for editing myself aside from running to my good friends Lil'momthatcould and Mouthygirl seem to be working out. And on another note... I really don't care if things aren't perfect. As long as I get my points across!

There was a forum post I read a while back where someone was complaining that she was told that she wouldn't be taken seriously by anyone because she had poor grammar and spelling. I thought on it for a moment and wondered if I wasn't taken seriously because I suffered from the same problems... I still wonder form time to time weather or not people take me seriously. But here again it really doesn't matter to me. If they don't take me seriously then it is their loss.

Do you judge someones input on how they present it or for the content that is presented? Why?

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Sometimes I go back and read old post and think SHEESH what was I on? But I notice the more I write the quicker I am able to pick on the grammar mistakes.
I think a blog is your own space, to write like you talk. To write what comes out when you think it.