Friday, July 3, 2009

The morning - How it cycles

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Coffee, Tea, Pepsi, Coke. More then likely that you have formed an addiction to one of these great things, maybe something more off the line like Dr. Pepper or Mt Dew. In any instance you will fully understand where I am coming from if you are addicted to any of these caffeine filled beverages.

When I wake in the morning my eyes aren't fully open yet. I sorta look like someone that you would steer your children away from out in public. At least until I have had a cup of Jo, Java, Do-it Fluid, also know as coffee. I need the pick up, the bite in the ass to get moving. Things weren't always like this for me. I once rose with the sun, full of energy ready for a days worth of exhilarating activities... you know feeding , diapering, and laying on the floor to entertain during tummy time. Back in those days I was up and at 'em full of spunk.

Just a few short years later though, I am dragging myself down the stairs while listening to the the children pick at each other and fight over the silliest things. Is it the fact that my children are growing, depressing me in some way, am I missing the days of tummy time? What am I saying? Oh my Gawd, No - I am not missing tummy time! That is a thought that creeped out of a brain that hasn't had its recommended dose of Do-it fluid!

I will say that my mornings have evolved over the years. My first adult mornings were spent in bed laying there breathing, my body fused with my then boyfriend /now husband. Fused by the night before sweat and the tangled filled sheets that seemed to imprison our bodies. Next I moved on to my mother's couch were I woke cold and alone most mornings to the sounds of my mothers blow dryer and her aerosol hair spray unloading its pollutants into the atmosphere. (Note: That's where I fell in love with coffee, my mother turned me on to it.) After that brief stay with the my Mom I was wed... and thus bringing me back to the arms of the man I loved. Which in turn brings me to today. All that sweat and those tangled sheets is what brought me to this point where I am dragging my grumpy butt out of bed to tend the children that were created so many years back, all the while longing for a sip of sweet, black coffee.

The days are past that I will just get to ooze with joy at a baby and that will be enough for me to get motivated. Now my mornings are going to be filled with all sorts of kid craziness and then come the teenage years. I don't even what to know how much coffee I am going to need to get through that. I can only imagine that I will get less rest though so I may need more caffeine. After teen years though comes the empty nest.... Just me and the husband... and tangled sheets. That is something to look forward to. Hopefully I won't be needing caffeine to make through the day then.

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