Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2 a.m. I was awakened by the sounds of a child heaving vomit from her stomach out of her mouth down the side of her bunk bed and on to the floor. I swear it felt like I just feel asleep. So I do the rub, rub, rub the back and scoop the puking mess of a sweet angel off her bunk and head for the RR all the while the Dh is frantically trying to find a cup of for water and the trusty puke bucket. He asked me with all seriousness "why do our kids always get sick?" Like I freakin know. Because they are kids and attend school, maybe... Maybe he mated with some unhealthy beast of a women whose children have less then optimal immune systems. Maybe we eat unhealthy foods or our home is polluted with toxic chemicals that make it easier for the ick that our children are allergic to fester. Hell I don't know why they get sick its two a freakin clock in the morning!

I get us all cleaned up and we make our way to the sick room also know as the living room. When ever someone is sick we set up shop in the living room in the lazy boy that is easy to wipe. If more vomit gets extruded from this lil body it will be easy to clean up. yes, sir that was my plan.

I have my cell phone with me for an alarm so I can wake the husband for work and get the boy child off to school. Not that I needed it cause I didn't sleep much after that. She was dealing with the dry heaves for sometime and then just became restless, tossing and turning. My alarm went off and I got disgusted... grrr... I marched up stairs sat on the side of my bed and began to beg my husband to wake up... literally... the sooner he wakes the sooner I can lay back down, right... Not so. My persistent cries "please , please , please, wake up honey I want to sleep for another hour before B gets up.

Knock , knock... "Mommy, is it time for school? It would appear that my cries woke up the boy child and not his father ... Sigh... Yes, go get your cloths and I'll iron them. I put a lil pressure on my husbands leg and he lets out a little peep of a whine... That sent me over the edge...I shouted WTF and and stormed out of the room like a 3 yr old having a temper tantrum. I am just so sick and freakin tired of having to wake up my 30 yr old husband every single day it takes so much out of me first thing in the morning. Like getting hit with a big ball of negative energy. He lays there simi awake and knows how irritated it makes me that he just lays there yet wont respond or even try and move until every last bit of morning goodness I have is gone and he has me totally pissed off or just sad that I let him take that much out of me... I'm sure he can hear it in my voice. ppl this isn't like a five min wake thing this last for nearly an hour every morning. god help me! and I had no sleep!

By this time all the children are awake, the sweet angel who was a hot vomit mess last night so needed to sleep in but her bestest bud and cousin who lives with us thought she would wake her to check on her as she slept peacefully in the living room. How thoughtful... Now every one is up and ready for the morning chaos.

Husband out the door, Niece off to visit Opa and her mother, and the boy off to school...sigh... O and I still in our Pj's it's 9 a.m. let's take a nap. I drift in and out of sleep while she lays next to me watching cartoons for nearly 4 hours. I don't know if she ever drifted off if she did it must not have been for long cause the sweet angel crashed at 8 sharp tonight. Hopefully no puke tonight. fingers crossed.

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Anonymous said...

I would have left him sleep, you are too nice.