Wednesday, October 22, 2008

About my garden

Things are quite unreal in my world, I hear it all the time from the man that dwells among these posies with me. He uses the term Lala land as the place I reside while he himself lives in a terrible reality.

I am overly optimistic it seems. Most often in a great mood unless I have been wrangeling the busy bees that we call children while they reak havoc on my lovely graden(busy bees is another term for children who are jsut being plain naughty!) yeah, you got em' too! Things are mellow and flow nicely for me most of the time. However, there are those days where I get so ticked off I could blow a gasket. Those are the days that I want to write so I can vent and let it all out and take a step back and read it so I may see the goodness in the crazy shit! Oh yeah the crazy shit always has something good! I'll find it and It'll be fun!

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